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Supplying a wide range of auxiliaries, dyestuff and functional finishes, LJ can meet the most exacting textile industry requirements. 

LJ was the first dye and chemical supplier worldwide to have Marks & Spencer accredited laboratories and technicians.

At the heart of our company is the LJ Innovation Centre. Working hand-in-hand with some of the best British universities and institutes, the centre creates an environment for new ideas, research and innovative solutions from some of the brightest minds in our industry.

Investigative analysis equipment in this laboratory enables us to create detailed customer reports from a range of test data, such as accurate colour match prediction and pattern card production.

Laboratory solution preparation and recipe dispenser for the accurate preparation of dye and chemical solutions for automatic dispensing.

Designed for product development, quality and customer problem solving this climate controlled laboratory features:

  • Water content analysis
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometric optical density analysis
  • High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • Fourier Transform Infra Red
  • Hydrostatic head

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